How to reset to default configuration

Why would you need to reset our theme? Sometimes accidents happen and modules or widgets get unhooked from where they are supposed to be or data gets entered incorrectly in them. The easiest way to fix them in some cases is to reset the “Theme options” module. When you reset the module it deletes all of the information associated with the theme and set the theme from scratch.

To reset the theme you will need to go to your modules page in the back office.

  1. Navigate to Modules ->Modules and Services in your dashboard:
  2. Locate to the “Theme options” module needed to be reset.
  3. Click a Reset button which is available in the respective drop-down list on the right side of the module:

Doing this will reinstall the theme’s setting. Any data you have entered in the theme will be erased and cleared out of the database. Only reset the theme if you do not need the data stored in them anymore.