The displaying of content in Joomla is a bit different than traditional web design. In a Joomla website, Menus are used to create pages and specify how the content appears on the page.

Adding a Menu Item to an Existing Menu

We will add a Menu Item to the Main Menu on the Jumerix site. The new link will be displayed on the main menu.

1. NAVIGATE to the Menus menu and then Main Menu.

2. CLICK New button.

3. ENTER the Menu Title that will become the actual link text on the frontend.

4. CLICK the Select button next to Menu Item Type.

5. SELECT Articles and then Single Article in the pop up window that displays.

6. CLICK the Select button next to Select Article.

7. CLICK the title of the Article that you wish to display from this new Menu Item link. Note that you can filter the results by searching all or part of the Article title in the Filter box at the top of the pop up as shown.

8. CLICK Save & Close.

9. CHECK the frontend to ensure that your link is displayed.