Extensions installation

If Joomla templates contain additional extensions: modules, plugins and components that are used for expanding your website functionality. You can install all the additional extensions with the help of the Extension Manager.

You can find this archive in the ZIP folder of the template. It can be easily installed as any other extension, with the help of Extensions manager of your Joomla admin panel.

  1. Please open your Joomla admin panel. From the top menu select “Extensions”. From the dropdown select the “Manege” button.
  2. Please select the “Install” option in the left column or in the dropdown list;
  3. Press the “Browse/Choose file” button and find the ‘mod_#####.zip’ archive;
  4. Press the “Upload and install” button, in order to install all modules:

When you successfully install, you can go to the Module/Plugin Manager section to activate it for the template.

The file names of extensions archives usually start with ‘mod_‘, ‘com_‘ or ‘plg_‘, so you will easily recognize them.