Joomla CMS Installation

Please, complete all the preparation steps and install all the necessary software.

Open your browser and enter the path to Joomla folder in the browser address bar [for example, http://your_domain_name/joomla]. You will see the Joomla CMS Installation window.

Website configuration

In the “Select Language” dropdown menu , select the language of your Joomla installation-master.

Attention: in the “Select Language” dropdown menu you have an option choose the language of the Joomla installation process only. You not select your website language.

Fill in all the form fields of the “Main Configuration” section. Be sure to complete all fields that are marked with an asterisk [ mandatory field].

Please fill in the fields: “Admin Email”, “Admin Username” and “Admin Password” in the right column in order to create a new Joomla website user with admin rights.

“Admin Email”, “Admin Username” and “Admin Password” each, is necessary for accessing Joomla website admin panel. Please keep the data confidential.

Once you’ve entered all the data, press the Next button in the upper right corner:

Database configuration

Then you need to input your database details. Please, contact your hosting provider to get the correct details.

Installing Joomla from scratch, you should just enter “Host Name”, “Username”, “Database Name” and “Password”. You can normally leave other options set to Default. However, there can be some differences depending on your hosting provider.

Once you’ve entered all the details, press the Install button:


Joomla CMS installation is almost complete now. At the “Overview” stage you need to select, whether you want to install Joomla Sample data or not.

Please select sample data in case you want to install them or press “None”, if you no sample data to be on your Joomla website:

You can check, whether the database configuration and admin panel access details are valid, and e-mail it:

You can verify your hosting server conformity with the Joomla requirement and check your installation settings once again. Should warning notification boxes are displayed on the “Recommended settings” section, please contact your hosting provider for further assistance:

Click the Install button to proceed.

Installation Complete

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Joomla CMS.

As you see, it is not that complicated.

To enhance security level, please delete the “Installation” folder from your Joomla root directory.

Now you are ready to proceed to your Joomla CMS based website configuring. Click the “Site” button, in order to open your website or press “Administrator” to access your Joomla admin panel.