How to display the Categories block

In this tutorial we will show you how to display the Category tree links module in the sidebar of the category page in PrestaShop.

  1. Log into your PrestaShop admin panel and navigate to Modules-> Modules & Services section:
  2. Search for the Category tree links module and press the Configure button to access it’s settings:
  3. Select the Home category in the Category root option:
  4. You have a few configuration possibilities:
    1. Maximum depth. If you have a great number of categories, or with long names, you might prefer to not break your design and limit the number of sub-levels that should be displayed.
    2. Sort. Most of the time, you should keep the category sort to alphabetical(name), for easier perusing. But the “By position” sort enables you to choose which categories should be at the top, and thus promote these.
  5. Press the Save button to keep your changes.
  6. Refresh your page on the front-end to be able to see the changes.

We hope the tutorial was useful for you.