Uninstall Themes

To uninstall a theme or module in OpenCart, simply go back to the Extension Installer, find the extension in the Install History and click the red Uninstall button.

No more deleting files manually, it’s all done with a single click.

Template installation

Installing the theme via the Back Office

OpenCart introduced a new “Extension Installer” feature. By means of the Extension Installer you can upload zip-packed extensions as well as single modification files by just a few clicks.

Once the template has been downloaded to your computer, you are now ready to install it to Opencart via the admin dashboard.

In order to upload a template of us, navigate to Extensions -> Extension Installer. Then click the blue Upload button and provide the route to the template’s “template_name_###.ocmod.zip” archive.

On success, you should get a green “Success: You have installed your extension!” message.

You should always make sure all temporary files are cleared before uploading a template because at the very least, they will be taking up space on your server.

Activating themes in Opencart

1. Enable the theme

After upload the file successfully, go to Extension select Themes on the dropdown list.

You can click the Edit button to access the settings of your store.

In the General settings, click the Theme Directory dropdown and select the theme name. Next, click the Status dropdown and select Enabled to enable the theme.

Done? Don’t forget to click Save.

2. Enable the module for the theme

You can now find new module in your Extensions > Extensions section and select Modules on the dropdown list.

To finish the installation, find the “BestAddon Settings” module in your Extension list and click the green Install button.

This is how you install our themes in OpenCart 3.x. We hope this tutorial has been helpful. Feel free to share it if you think it’s useful!