How to clear Prestashop’s Cache

Prestashop can get stuck sometimes, and fail re-compiling cache files with your newest modification. If you come across this issue, click on Advanced Parameters -> Performance, and hit the Clear Cache button on the top right corner.

  1. Clear Cache in Prestashop admin panel
    1. Log into Prestashop admin panel.
    2. Navigate to Advanced Parameters > Performance.
    3. Set Force compile to Yes, disable Cache and save changes.
    4. Go to your front-office and refresh the store page.
  2. Clear cache manually

    1. To clear cache manually, you need to access your Prestashop installation directory and delete the content of the following folders:
      • cache/smarty/compile
      • cache/smarty/cache
      • img/tmp
    2. Delete all the files in the folders, except of index.php.
    3. Reload your website in browser to take a look at the changes you have made.