As you’ve learned in previous sections, website content can be broken up into two parts: primary content and secondary content. You learned how to create primary content in the Articles section and how to link to that content in the Menus one. Other content on the page, such as navigation menus, newsletter signup forms or footer text is secondary content. In Joomla, this secondary content is normally controlled through Modules. Modules are one of the five types of Joomla Extensions. The other types are more fully explained in next sections. Continue reading “Modules”


The frontend of a Joomla website is what you see when you load your web address into a browser, such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. This view, together with the backend Administrator that will be covered next, is what was created when you went through the Joomla installation process. While the backend Administrator provides an easy method for website administration and development, the frontend is the view that is presented to an end user, or website visitor. Continue reading “Frontend”