The Joomla Media Manager is used to add images to Articles and Modules, and can be accessed in different ways. In this section we will go over how to add images to your content and how to upload them through the Media Manager.

Adding Images to an Article or Module

After deciding where to place your image and adjusting it for file size and pixel size, follow these steps to include your image in your content. Make sure you are signed in to Administrator.

  1. NAVIGATE to the Content menu and then Articles.
  2. FIND the Article previously created by searching its Title in Article Manager.
  3. CLICK the Article’s title to edit it and POSITION your cursor on an empty line, which may require you to enter a new line.
  4. CLICK the Image button.
  5. CLICK the Browse button and navigate to an image on your computer to upload to your website.
  6. CLICK the Start Upload button once you have selected your image to upload.
  7. CLICK the newly uploaded image in the directory window and notice that its filename is added to the Image URL field.
  8. CLICK the Insert button.
  9. CLICK Save & Close after checking your Article’s content to make sure the image was placed correctly.
  10. CHECK the frontend of your website to ensure that your Article is displaying properly.
Media Manager

Joomla’s Media Manager enables you to upload, store and delete images and other media files in a similar way to using an FTP program. If you are more used to using FTP, continue to use that, but you should also understand how the Media Manager works.

    1. NAVIGATE to the Content menu and then Media.

Navigation and Folder Management

To move between folders, you can utilize the left sidebar folder tree in much the same way you do on a home computer. You can also click the icons for the folders in the center of the page.

The icon with the up arrow will take you to the folder directly above your current location.

The Create New Folder button allows you to create a new folder based on your current location. You can see the folder path just above the folder icons in the middle of the page.

Clicking the checkbox next to a file and then clicking the Delete button will remove those files from the server. This action will work as well with folders; however, the folder must be empty before it is deleted. You can remove multiple files or empty folders at once using this method. The X in the top right of the file or folder icon can be used to delete one at a time.

File Uploads

The Media Manager also allows single and multiple file uploads. Clicking the green Upload button will toggle the Browse and Start Upload buttons that enable you to navigate your computer files to select single or multiple files for direct upload to your server. As with folder creation, file uploads are dependent upon your current location, so make sure you are in the folder where you want to place your images on upload. Once your files have been selected through the Browse button, simply click Start Upload to begin the upload process.