In this section you will learn the second part to creating primary content – creating Joomla Articles. You will also learn to search for and filter Articles in the Joomla Administrator.

Creating Articles

Begin by loging in to the Joomla Administrator as previously shown.

1. NAVIGATE to the Content menu and then Articles.

2. CLICK New button.

3. ENTER a Title for the new Article..

4. SELECT a Category at the right of the page.

5. ENTER your content into the main window of the editor.


Use Toggle Editor to ease the editing process. But first you need to activate it. In order to do this navigate to System > Global Configuration.

Next you need to choose”Editor – TineMCE” in Default Editot dropdown list.

After enablind the editor, the Toggle Editor button will appear on the editing window interface. Press the button to use the editor.

Press the button again to disable the Toggle Editor.

    1. FORMAT your content – this step is optional and will be covered in later sections.
    2. CLICK Save & Close.
Search and Filter

You can control how many Articles are shown in the list by selecting a number from the Display dropdown in the top right of the page as shown. By default, 20 Articles are shown.

As your site grows and you have more Articles to manage, you will need to utilize some of the other filtering features provided by Joomla. At the top of the Article Manager page is a Search box. You can search through all of the Articles by entering Titles or even parts of Titles in the box. Clear the box by clicking the Clear button when you are done filtering.
There are also various other filtering options, and these can be shown or hidden by clicking the Search Tools button as shown below. Once they are visible, you can select several options such as the Status of an Article, the Author of an Article or the Category that the Article is stored in etc.