How to manage store currencies

The currency section lets you select which currencies are available for use in your storefront. The following tutorial will guide you on how to manage currencies set the default one in OpenCart 3.x. Let’s get started!

Adding new currency to your store is really easy! There are three simple steps how to do this:

  1. First of all, navigate to System > Localisation > Currencies.
  2. Then click “Add new” button in the top right corner to add a new item.
  3. Here you should insert following details:
  • Currency Title: Name of the currency.
  • Code: The ISO code for the currency. Currency codes can be looked up at this currency converter.
  • Symbol Left: Adds a currency symbol to the left of the code.
  • Symbol Right: Adds a currency symbol to the right of the code.
  • Decimal Places: A number of decimal places displayed in the price of the storefront.
  • Value: The Default currency will be set to a value of 1. Every value of the currency will be relative to this value. Since the US Dollar is 1.0 (the default), the Euro is tabulated to .81 for the value based on its worth.
  • Status: Enables or disables the currency in the storefront.

To change a default currency, navigate to System > Settings. Click Edit button and select the Local tab. From the Currency field choose any currency required and save the changes.

In case you wish to set conversion rate for every currency automatically, you should enable Auto Update Currency option in System > Settings > Store > Local. OpenCart will automatically update your currencies with the latest exchange rates.

To remove any currency, navigate to System > Localisation > Currencies, mark it with a tick and click Delete button.

That is the end of the tutorial, now you know how to manage store currencies in OpenCart 3.x.