Embed Videos

By default, Joomla automatically strips out iframe and some other HTML elements for security reasons. In order to embed videos from popular providers like YouTube and Vimeo, you have to disable the filtering of the iframe tag. This tutorial will cover how to do it for the default Joomla! TinyMCE editor. Continue reading “Embed Videos”


By default Joomla comes with a component for managing banners. It allows you to add different banners, organize them into categories and display them in different places on your website. The first thing you need to do is to create a new banner. To do this login to your Joomla admin area and go to Components -> Banners -> Banners. Continue reading “Banners”


As you’ve learned in previous sections, website content can be broken up into two parts: primary content and secondary content. You learned how to create primary content in the Articles section and how to link to that content in the Menus one. Other content on the page, such as navigation menus, newsletter signup forms or footer text is secondary content. In Joomla, this secondary content is normally controlled through Modules. Modules are one of the five types of Joomla Extensions. The other types are more fully explained in next sections. Continue reading “Modules”


This is the section where you start to create your actual website content. There are two steps to creating most new content in Joomla. First you create one or more Categories, which is described in this section, and then you create Articles which we will discuss in the next section. Continue reading “Categories”